Lessons Learned From Amazing Teachers at Razia’s Eden

I had this epiphany while helplessly watching old avocado trees inevitably accept their slow demise. From what I know of the trees, we were both in our fifth decade, but most of them had seen and lived better days long before I got acquainted with them. They were already in need of convalescence before IContinue reading “Lessons Learned From Amazing Teachers at Razia’s Eden”

A tribute to a mentor, a friend, a teammate, a coach and always a teacher.

I woke up to the news of Brother Geoffrey’s demise via Dhushy’s text message that he had received from our dear friend Edward (aka Papps) in Malta.  I forwarded it to some DLS friends, my brother Salman, Najmi, Faizi, and a few more. My heart sank with the realization and hesitant acceptance of what isContinue reading “A tribute to a mentor, a friend, a teammate, a coach and always a teacher.”

Longing For The Crescent Moon

Allah O Akbar,   Allaaaaah O Akbar, ….. The melodious call to maghrib prayer begins just before the setting sun.  A continuation of asynchronous series of azan from the nearest mosque to the farthest would linger on as many prepared for salat.  This was the norm all across Karachi, however, the last maghrib of the monthContinue reading “Longing For The Crescent Moon”

It was an island we left behind, but never really left …

My dear companions from De La Salle College, circa 1975 – 1979. Our experiences are shared, though our stories are not.  I wrote this on my return from a visit to Malta in 2017.  The desire to reconnect with those who touched my life in more ways than I knew or they would know hasContinue reading “It was an island we left behind, but never really left …”

Shamo Miyan Kay Haan

Recollection of a Sunday Morning at Dr. Zoha’s home. Flavors that remind me of home, my comfort foods, are my childhood connection with my dearest mother. A soft malleable dough made with “maida” wheat flour, high in gluten and elasticity to stretch just right, is ideal for making a small, round, symmetrical disc, deep-fried patientlyContinue reading “Shamo Miyan Kay Haan”