A tribute to a mentor, a friend, a teammate, a coach and always a teacher.

I woke up to the news of Brother Geoffrey’s demise via Dhushy’s text message that he had received from our dear friend Edward (aka Papps) in Malta.  I forwarded it to some DLS friends, my brother Salman, Najmi, Faizi, and a few more. My heart sank with the realization and hesitant acceptance of what isContinue reading “A tribute to a mentor, a friend, a teammate, a coach and always a teacher.”

Iftaar, like no other…

If the first Ramzan started during the summer holidays, it would almost be 6:00am when most of us would go to bed after sehri. By 10:00am the humidity and Karachi heat would set the tone for the day. In between prayers, interspersed with reciting Quran, or sleeping, the goal was to maintain enough strength toContinue reading “Iftaar, like no other…”

Shamo Miyan Kay Haan

Recollection of a Sunday Morning at Dr. Zoha’s home. Flavors that remind me of home, my comfort foods, are my childhood connection with my dearest mother. A soft malleable dough made with “maida” wheat flour, high in gluten and elasticity to stretch just right, is ideal for making a small, round, symmetrical disc, deep-fried patientlyContinue reading “Shamo Miyan Kay Haan”

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